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Hi my name is Jerome Hugues. I am the Lead and only Programmer thus far for Naturallaw Studio. We started developing this game in march of 2004 and as you can see it has come a long way. The engine is done in house using D3D8 at is core.The game is a mixture of Resident Evil and Metroid. It is like Resident Evil meet Metroid. The game starts inside the ship, where you have to unconver what took place. The game is not two players. One of the characters is basically the AI. The Ai behaves in a very smart manner. I am using a Combination of Pathfinding and some sort of neural network, where the Ai learns from you and is mistakes. The game is half 3D and half 2D or should i say 2D in 3D. Right now we are in the beta testing mode to release a playable version to the public until then, post your comment and let me know what you think of the screen shot thus far.

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