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Hi all, It feels good to be submiting one of these, makes me feel like a real game developer.

My creation is yet another copy of good old asteroids. I worked on it specifically for about a month after getting my engine into a state which didn't crash (or deallocate memory for that matter) often. Wrote it in c++ and opengl with a couple of other libraries. I'd like to thank for all the free artwork, almost everything you see in those shots was taken from there. I had a friend helping me but I think the only thing that got into the game was his music, and you can't see that here. But it was great moral support too, I'm sure I would've gone crazy. I was hiding this all from my brother the whole time I was working on it you see, so I could give it to him for christmas. That was tricky and at some points hairy I can tell ya, but extremely rewarding.

But seing as this is flipcode I better get technical. About the most spectacular piece of graphical work is the dot3 bump mapping on the rocks. Fairly typical but effective technique, put to shame by terrible uv mapping. Next come the particle effects. I wrote most of this bit before I could render models, and as a result it's the probably the nicest piece of work in the engine. Less time pressure you see. I read the properties of the particles from my own custom file and use a vertex array of quads for rendering them. I kept the file as simple and powerful as I could and it payed of later when I could add a new particle effect in 10min. Right... about the only other interesting thing is that I kept the wrap around universe despite it being 3d. You can't tell in the game (at least you weren't meant to be able to) but if an asteroid gets too far away it appears on the other side of you. I used black fog to blend them into the background but I realise real blending would have been better.

So, not bad for a 15 year old huh?

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