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First, let me introduce myself: My name is Josť Lucio Gama (a.k.a. SLotman) I am one of the few graduated developers from Brazil in "game developing" - I finished last year one of the first Brazilian courses to create professional game developers, created by "Universidade Pontifica Catolica of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ)". As the final project for this course, I've developed a "demo", entitled "Penguin Racer".

As the name suggests, the game is a racing game with Penguins - The story: "Princess Marina decided to get married, and since she has now boyfriend, she asked her father King Rico to help her finding a husband. The king then created a series of tracks with obstacles, and the Penguin that can win all the races will be entitled to the hand of Princess Marina, and also will become the prince of Penguin Kingdom"

The game demo is currently available in Brazilian portuguese and in English. You can see the web-page I made for the game, and download the demo itself right here: The site has more pictures, a low resolution video of the demo and even an wallpaper =) (please if you encounter any problem downloading the demo from the site, use a brazilian proxy and everything should work fine)

The game uses openGL and the brazilian 3D engine Fly3D on it's core, and thanks to that, the game does not require a very powerfull computer: a CPU with 500mhz, 64mb of RAM and a 3D card (geforce 1 or higher) is enought to run the game.

I am now looking for publishers, and I have a team ready to finish this game. I think the game can be finished in 5 or 6 months, having at the end a total of 10 racing tracks in several locations (including underwater) - plus the locked character of the princess, which are not in the demo, but will be unlocked when the player wins the game, so he can race with her.

Also, the game contains no violence at all, so it can be played by all kinds of audience, from children to grown ups without any problems.

Thanks in advanced,

Jose Lucio Gama
ICON Games

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