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This is 4 screenshots from the game Black Sky, which is currently under development. Black Sky is a top-down 2d space game, that will be when done, a full blown action RPG. Right now it's being developed by me and only me, but people are starting to sign up on our forums and provide feedback.

The purpose of this project is for me to reach a life long goal of making a computer game, as well as making a great game in the sci-fi genre that seems to be suffering. I hope to re-kindle the magic that Star Control 2 and the Star Flight series had. If all else fails, at least I sure am learning alot!

Currently I'm using windows for key inputs, and OpenGL for my graphics API. It will run on any computer just about featuring a compatible OpenGL card.

Here are some features:
  • Fully functional particle engine.
  • Multi-texturing, with parallax textures and objects.
  • Partially complete 2d physics engine.
  • First of it's kind to be able to simultaniously track 2 targets, and fire on them indepently.
  • Future Features:
  • Dynamic event system, that can respond to ANY player input level, allowing the player massive amounts of options.
  • Massive galaxy of life and aliens, the player will be able to make relationships with these beings, or fight against them. The AI will be integrated to this, your relationships and the other NPC's responses will be extremly authentic and life like.
  • For the Official website of Black Sky, visit

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