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Most of the images here seem to be from 3D-engines or 3D-games, so here's a shot from a game I created with a friend of mine about two years ago, Ufogame. Yes, it's quite old but it hasn't lost any of it's glitter!

Basically, it's a paratroopers-clone, and.. well, not much else :) But try it for yourself, The reason why I wanted to show this is because we're working on a new (Windows-, perhaps even Linux-) version of ufogame and it's going to rock ;)

You'll have to find DOS4GW.EXE somewhere if you want to try the game. It runs fine under Windows95/98 but I couldn't get it to run under Win2k. Perhaps it's because I'm using MIDAS, who knows. And don't run it under pure DOS without a mouse driver loaded, it won't work too well :) It's a beta anyway... and it'll probably crash after a few games.

There is no documentation in that zip, use arrow keys to turn the cannon and space to shoot.. Simple.

I have some other screenshots from my misc. demoeffects at and even my Assembly'2k 64k intro (I placed 3rd! whee!) is there.

- ld0d

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