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These are a few shots from a landscape game I am putting together.

It has a quadtree type map, multiple cloud levels, basic collision detection (very), and some simple game aspects (shoot the landscape). I am starting a map renderer rewrite which could take a while, so I am submitting an image first...

The skybox has been done a bit differently to what I have seen before. It doesn't draw fixed world point triangles, but rather draws a fixed grid on the screen, and from each point casts out a ray to see where it hits the cloud layer. From this point is derived a texture coordinate. This has the advantage that the cloud doesn't finish at the horizon, but has a few disadvantages as well (slow routine to find intersection of sphere).

You can download it at (If you do, have a look at the sun shining though the clouds). Running on my k6-2 500 with a banshee, it goes at around 30fps, but will eventually be made to go much faster.

Henry Ludemann

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