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Here is a screenshot of my work-in-progress modeler Kapsul3D. It uses OpenGL for rendering. I hope I will release it in January as a freeware. It principal advantage is that it uses plug-ins for quiet everythings.

  • Fast and Easy modeling with OpenGL.
  • Plug-ins for update of features, file formats.
  • Bones for characters.
  • A script interpreter for directly programming instead of using libs.
  • Procedural textures (via plug-ins).
  • Hierarchical objects.
  • Material editors.
  • Omni and spot lights.
  • An image browser for the material (like ACDSee).
  • Shape and extrusion editing.
  • Multiple desks editing.
  • And much more.
  • Persons interested in trying it and/or making plug-ins or helping me ;-) can mail me at lacrapul@club-internet
    More infos can be found at

    Cedric Guillemet

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