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Those 5 screenshots show our action racing game 'Crashday'. We're developing on the DirectX version for about half a year and now the first graphics can be shown to you :). Crashday will be a crash'n'stunt game like Carmageddon, however a main part of our game is the powerful track editor (like once in "4D Stunts")

The screenshots show some of the cars (only one is already textured) and in the background you can see the first track objects (set randomly :)) On the centered picture the "evening" ambience is activated, the upper left and lower right ones use the standard "day" ambience. In the upper right corner you can see a loop in our texturizing tool. (All of our textures are hi-res and photographed by ourself.) Finally the lower left shot shows our rendered title picture.

More infos or screenshots you can get on our website

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