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I am working on a 3D terrain engine at the moment (working name eXodus ;) ), and here are some pictures showing the features of the engine itself as well as the tools I wrote for the engine so far.

The first tool, I called it TGenTex takes two simple textures (shown on the pic in the top-right corner) and a grayscale image containing heightmap information for the terrain and computes an unique world texture for the terrain (bottom-left corner).

The second tool, a simple radiosity calculator (uhm, I called it TRad, what else? ;) ), takes the same heightmap file used before with TGenTex and a position vector of a point light source (well, only one, don't need more for my engine at the moment, one light source simulates for example the sun shining over the landscape) and outputs a lightmap showed in the middle-top area of the above picture. The last tool finally, which I called creatively TMelt (hmm... ;) ) mixes both the lightmap and texture files generated by the other two proggies and computes the final World Texture (tadaaaaa) - you can see it in the top-left corner.

The last part of the pic in the bottom-right shows the engine in action (again, tadaaaaaaa ;) ).

Maybe some words on the engine itself. It is still under development but there are already some nice features implemented (like multiple animated sky layers =) ). What's important, I want it to become a full game engine one day, supporting physics, multiplayer support and all the other stuff. Well, yes... I think that's all for now :). Oh yeah, almost forgot, for anybody interested: the engine uses OpenGL and is written completely in C and inline Assembler (didn't use the last very often 'till now, however).

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