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These are screenshots of a version of Lemmings for Windows CE that I made in the last three weeks. As you can see, almost everything is in: The floaters, climbers, bridgers, bashers and even the Armageddon button. I used the art from a demo version of Lemmings for Windows, I hope that is OK with Psygnosis. :) Actually, I tried to contact them, but their site is 'under construction'. Anyway, if you own a WinCE device, let me know; I'll send you the executable and sources if you wish. This game is a demonstration for my WinCE game/demo development libraray, called 'EasyCE', and will be spread with full source code once this library is finised. The library itself is a bit like OpenPTC (, and it adds up to 32 greyscale capability to 2bit WinCE LCD displays. This feature is being used for Lemmings, as you can see.

Most important thing: This game runs currently on a very limited range of WinCE devices. It has been tested on the Philips Nino and the Casio E10. It will probably work on all greyscale (2bit) palmsize PC's. NOT on color devices. I hope to support all devices in the final version of the library (and game).

These 'shots' are raw dumps of the internal 8bit framebuffer. The actual image quality on the LCD display is not this good; there is a slight banding effect and the maximum amount of greyscales used in this game is 16. Third: In one of the shots, a 'climber' is within the wall. This is a 'known bug'. :)

OK, back to the 3D stuff. :)

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