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Here is a image from the game I am currently developing, 'Wolf'. It shows off a few of the features of the rendering engine.

The landscape uses an adaptive quadtree both for storage and progressive mesh rendering, with multitexturing to add detail and shadow maps. This allows a massive area to be stored and effectively rendered. It also supports wrapping to extend the terrain indefinately.

The sky is a series of domes, with the texture coordinates of cloud layers distorted to appear flat. The cloud layers move across each other at different speeds to give variety to the formations.

The geese, trees and footprints (that are just visible in the foreground) are rendered using an adaptive quadtree which manages all the visibility, level-of-detail and culling.

The geese themselves fly around using flocking rules to maintain their formations. It's very cool just to follow them around, and they're easier to take care of than real animals.

The image was captured on a Celeron 366 machine with a GeForce2 MX card running under DirectX 8.

For more information about the project, have a look at my web site at:

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