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These images are all from a part of my undergraduate thesis work on physically based water simulation. This is the basic water simulator. It simulates the interaction of external forces on a square pool of water roughly 40cmx40cm with a small obstacle in the middle. From top left to bottom right, the view are Triangular Mesh surface (with bad normals, anyone have a good way to calculate per vertex normals for triangle strips?) which runs in realtime. The second is displaying the water flow. The third is a wireframe of rendering with a NURBS surface and the fourth with the filled surface. I didn't have time to write my own NURBS renderer so I get something around 3 fps on a PIII 700 with a Geforce DDR card in it. This part of my system is only for appearence however.

The water system uses columns of water, the pressure differentials are calculated between columns and water is transfered based on those. There are several problems with this method, but it is useful for the simulations I am using it for. I have extended it to also flow downhill and have created a river simulation using my extensions. This pond is made up of almost 1600 columns of water each 1cmx1cm and 10cm high at rest. The obstacle is made of columns who cannot hold water and whose base is much higher than their neighbors tops, so that they won't transfer water. Waves do rebound off these obstacles. Videos (and pretty much nothing else) can be found at


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