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Hello! This screen shoot is the output from my software encoded TDK (texture dither kernel) which I am implementing into my 3D OpenGL Engine for use with an upcoming fighting game- ApatiraFo. You might wonder why I don’t just use OpenGL’s blending capabilities. Well, I have been looking into the speedups of many popular console games and have decided that if I used 256 colored bitmaps, my game/engine runs a hellofalot faster. If I just used OpenGL, I ended up getting crude blocky images, so….. I used a _quick_ TDK software filter pass right when I loaded up my textures to convert my nice 32bpp art to the 256bpp substitute my engine uses and I must say, the results were quite impressive. ;). After I post an image of another cool speedup that I have been working on, I’ll post an image of the results of this TDK running in place with a sample ApatiraFo session in Acton.

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