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Hi all, the four images above belong to 'Adventum', a videogame's playable demo winner of the "best narrative in a videogame" special mention in the first ArtFutura's videogame competition organized by Sony PlayStation. ArtFutura is an spanish 3D graphics show (well, actually it's more than that, for more information please visit: that took place in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago.

Besides the winner, six different mentions were given rewarding different aspects of games creation. Considering that more than 50 games from several different countries were presented to this first edition, we are more than happy with the prize ;-)

The game is a medieval 3D graphic adventure, in the "Grim Fandango" and "Monkey 4" style, but using real 3D scenes instead of static backgrounds. The whole game has been programmed from scratch in C++ using Directx 8.0 and has been developed in a Pentium II 233MHz processor with 128 MB RAM and a Voodoo 3 2000 graphic card. It runs very smoothly for me, so I imagine the game should fly in any configuration above this.

In the demo you control Mateo di Provenza, a young inquisitor who is commanded to travel to Germany, where he will be involved in a terrible investigation that will threaten not only his sanity, but the whole world's destiny ;-)

I've done my best to translate the instructions and the demo walkthrough into english. In-game dialogues and descriptions will also be translated into english in the near future but for now remain in spanish. Please, don't stop downloading it because of this. Hopefully, this will not prevent you to enjoy the demo. We encourage you to follow the walkthrough to test what the game can offer.

You can download the demo with the english walkthrough and instructions from:

If you are interested in downloading the demo with the spanish walkthrough and instructions you can do it from our website:

For any thoughts, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me at:

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