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These two screenshots are from Slickworm - a little game project I've been working on. Currently it's just a technical demo with vehicle physics and terrain deformation.

The vehicle can be driven over the landscape or you can use the rocket launcher to scar and take chunks out of the terrain. The vehicle and rocket launcher are programmer art ;-)

ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) is used for the vehicle physics.

The terrain system uses dynamic Level-of-Detail with geomipmapping, detail texturing and a single 2048x2048 unique terrain texture. The LOD technique is a quadtree structure stored in a table rather than using pointers. When the terrain is deformed the quadtree for that block is recalculated and a static vertex buffer is regenerated for each of the 4 geomipmap levels.

The explosions are made of particle systems of axis-aligned alpha-blended billboards with perlin noise textures.

There are more screenshots and a download available at The demo will run on Linux using OpenGL and Windows using Direct3D 8 and source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

My main reason for posting these screenshots is because I would like a job in the games industry.

Micheál O'Brien.

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