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this is a project i am currently undertaking while im on school holidays.

i needed a scripting language to embed in my projects, i found available engines like Ruby, among others, to be complicated and, really, overkill.

so i set out to create my own compiled (virtualmachine) languge. i had compact lingo 1.0 (my previous interperted language writen in C) i converted it to comply with CodeWarrior7, VisualC++ and (still trying) G++ 3.x.

now fully object oriented C++, libcl has 3 components, Compiler, Bytecode Generator & soon to be a Linker.

so far the Compiler is done, i am currently working on the BC Generator.

Libcl has all the regular language features:
  • stack base Assembly Generation & VM
  • Loosly Typed Variables
  • if statements & for loops
  • functions
  • inline assembly ( like in VisualC++ )
  • maths operations with floating (single & double) point math
  • experimental classes & data structures
  • experimental arrays & access.
  • similar syntax to Javascript
if i get enough response from this posting, i will seriously consider open sourcing it, anyone interested or any questions please e-mail me:

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