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Text mode demo competition 5

Here we go again - the fifth TMDC. We have some advances from the last time, including some real prizes and, for the first time, an actual prize-giving ceremony, held at Alternative Party 2003. (Naturally if you win and can't be there, we'll mail you the prizes).

Get the invitation demo from the TMDC site at now with FULL SOURCES included! (including polygon fillers etc). The site also contains the rules of the contest and all information you can possibly need. Including TMDC4 entries.

About the images -
Top left - "chaos zoomer" with text rendered on top. The text has a drop shadow.
Top right - 1008 additive triangles and a scroller.
Bottom left - new colorful ASCII art renderer
Bottom right - 80 triangles glenz ^_^

All rendered with 2x2 full screen antialiasing.

I could rant about how making textmode stuff is different and challenging and all that, but quite frankly, it's refreshing and fun! If you've spent the last years optimizing the heck out of your code day by day basis you'll find it oddly refreshing to just forget everything and DO stuff. The CPU power you get per pixel is downright ridiculous.

And now with all the source code available there's no real reason not to do it!

The deadline is 12.12.2002. Get coding - and spread the word!

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