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FreeGen is the game that we (Dimension Design - a small company based in Varna, Bulgaria) have been developing for about a year already. We released our first demo about three months ago. Since we are regular Flipcode readers, we decided to post an IOTD and get your opinion, fellow flipcoders :)

FreeGen is a 3D tactical multiplayer first person shooter in space. Think of a mix between Unreal Tournament, Tribes, Forsaken. Gameplay is mostly about team-based tactics, with thinking and cunning usually prevailing over quick reaction and fast mouse-clicking. Original multiplayer game types (like Collect and Download) and lots of strange power-ups and devices make the game concept unique (hopefully :).

The engine is developed in-house. Uses very heavy Lua scripting. Most of the game logic is in easily modifiable Lua scripts. The eye-candy isn't too much - yet. We are focusing on the gameplay first. After releasing the demo, we decided to further emphasize the tactical element. So the final game will differ significantly from what you can experience now, but the main idea will remain the same.

The demo as it is now is a fully playable game. But it has only multiplayer, no single-play, supports LAN only, and at least four players are required to make an enjoyable game session - no bots for now. All these things will come in the future. If you can't find company and a LAN to try the game yourself, you can watch a recorded demo for each game type to get a feeling of the gameplay.

The URL's: - FreeGen's page at the old Dimension Design web page. - The new home of Dimension Design, together with Chaos Group.

The preferred URL for direct download is

(note: the screenshot is from the current build of the game, don't wonder why the radar in the demo is different :)

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