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This image is a composite of several screenshots taken from my 'Project X' 3D engine. The upper left screenshot shows my radiosity renderer, which is currently aimed towards bringing radiosity quality imaging to realtime environments by progressively degrading the quality until a suitable fps is found (on-the-fly). The upper right screenshot shows off the engine's terrain system wrapped with a skydome. Eventually this system will be aimed towards being immersive as possible for the gamer. The center image is simply the volumetric fog effect in the engine. The lower left image shows the shadowing system, accomplished through a combination of static/dynamic lightmapping, per-pixel lighting, projective texturing, and stencilled shadows. The image to the lower right shows off the particle engine, which makes use of the physics engine, and the reflection system which can be used to set the reflectivity of any object without the extra overhead normally created by using a stencil buffer to accomplish the same effect.

Thats about it for the description, my website is at, I hope you like it! :)

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