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This is a collection of screenshots from my 3d graphics engine, called mercury. I created it for a games programming subject at my school, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Essentially, it is a quake3 level viewer that implements nearly all of the graphical features implemented in the real quake3 engine. This includes:
  • PVS optimised BSP rendering
  • Volumetric fog
  • Curved surfaces
  • Extensive shader support
  • In fact, all it doesn't include is dynamic lighting and a few of the fancier shader operations (that is, the skyparms and deformverts).

    The rendering code is only moderatly optimized because I consider this project one which will continually evolve (and trying to extend highly optimized code is hard). Even so, the engine performs well on most modern multitexture capable accelerators including my own "low end" 400Mhz K6, Nvidia Vanta equipped PC. There is a demo available on my website which you can download and run provided you have a copy of Quake3. At the moment there is only a windows version for download, however, there will be a linux demo available soon (most of the project was developed using linux!). More information, plus full size screenshots are available at the above site.

    Oh yeah, I graduate soon and am looking for work as a programmer. I live in Melbourne, Australia, but would consider relocating (especially to Mesquite, TX :) )

    Have fun.

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