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This is my first attempt at Metaballs. The polygon generation code is _evil_. Fast, but evil. The rendering logic in this version was supposed to be faster, but isn't. That's the last time I take advice instead of just winging it (:

This demo ran at ~30 FPS on an P500 / 256MB RAM / GeForce SDR / Win2K (sp1). I've seen it go as high as 200 FPS.

  • OGL rendering.
  • Keyboard/mouse controls.
  • User controlled camera movement.
  • Dynamic LOD
  • Wireframe, textured rendering.
  • Special "data visualization" rendering.
  • Surface polygon generation using a version of Marching Cubes. (I implemented this + some hashing and it still ran slower than the naive brute force, no culling, switch-with-256-cases method.)
  • Future plans:
  • Multitexturing w/ alpha channeling for a completely unique surface texture.
  • "SurfCam" which moves as if walking on the surface of the metaball.
  • VSD and collision detection using octtrees.
  • Many-threaded version for multiprocessor machines?
  • Incorporation with my cloth, sky box/sky sphere and particle system demos to make something _really_ nice.

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