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This screenshot is of an engine I have been working on for the past 3 months. The basis for the engine is SDL, for those looking for a fast(Unreal Tournament for Linux uses it) way to create multi-platform applications take a look at SDL( The graphical part of the engine is written is OpenGL(hence the same ChronosGL :))

No, the background isn't some super cool terrain engine it's just a skybox. However, you are actually looking at a corner of the skybox. By displacing the texture coords by very very little I managed to create a seamless 360 degree wrap around world.

The console shown alpha blends in and has different text colors and a syntax similar to quake3. The font was created using that handy font builder which was mentioned on flipcode's main page.

The pink lines around the actual map represent the edges of an Octree. The map itself is for now just textured with a simple grass texture I got from a friend.

The 'Rain' you see is just that, rain. The lines are generated using a very simple algo which can easily be applied to many other atmospheric/particle effects. The rain for now is just lines but plan to expand it to a triangle strip so it can be textured with a more realistic effect.

It's pullin 48 - 64fps On my P3 450 w/ a Viper 770(not ultra 16mb) while running in screen res of 640x480. This is without any visibility detection.

I've also started collision detection and it seems to be going pretty well. I am planning to make a fighting game once the engine is completed...nope not full 3d...more like a Smash Brothers/Marvel Vs Capcom sorta game(no sprites though :P). If you'd like more info just email me.

-Amitt 'Chronos' Mahajan

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