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Hi all,
Here's my lil' IOTD. It's my racing game, which I'm thinking of calling XLR8, coz that's good and cheesy... ;-) I'm getting halfway decent framerates (50fps@5000ppf) on Voodoo3, which I'm pretty pleased by. Unfortunately, my geforce2 doesn't want to know about colorkeying, which is a shame...

I've spent quite a bit of time on how it actually feels to 'drive', so if you'd like to download it and give it a go: (there are two versions, one's one player [just OK the initial DirectPlay dialog], the other's a two player TCP/IP version [works over a LAN, game only commences when both players are connected])... oh yeah, be sure to read the readme.txt coz it's got all the keys in it...



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