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What you see here is my little toy engine (heavy OOP) I like to play with a lot... I just found the time to plug in ODE 0.5 and I really love the actual simplicity of that rigid body physics engine - so I simply had to post that image.

And here come the engine's features:
  • Normal mapping
  • Depth shadow mapping
  • Extensive material system
  • Multipass rendering
  • Rigid body physics (through ODE)
  • Support for a few 3D formats (MD5, Dawn NMB, MAX through a exporter plugin)
  • Should run on XBOX (I wouldn't know - don't have a XDK)
  • Still missing:
  • Sound
  • Some decent apps / games
  • Networking
  • Scriptable materials
  • (your favourite feature goes here)
  • I intend to release the source under the GPL for ages now but never find the time to actually do it. I already set up a sourceforge project featuring a discussion board, a mailing list and a wiki, but I guess that doesn't make much sense without releasing it I guess.

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