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Steer Madness is an independently developed fully-featured 3D action adventure game. Best described as "Grand Theft Auto" meets "Chicken Run", you play the game as Bryce the Steer on a mission to save all the animals.

The game is still in development but nearly complete with an expected release date of December 1st, 2004. The team consists of myself, one texture artist, and occasionally an intern or two from a local 3D art school. I am self-publishing by getting the CDs made and packaged at a local CD manufacturer and then selling wholesale to retailers. This is affordable as an independent developer because I can do a small initial manufacture run and then get more made as I need them. Finding retailers will be a challenge, but because of the animal rights theme of the game I am getting a lot of support from animal rights groups, including being featured in the winter catalogs for PETA in the USA and Viva in the UK.

The focus in developing this game was on the storyline and message of the game and not the technology or graphics quality. This was beneficial in many ways:

- Compatible with a wider range of machines due to lower system requirements
- Lower detail world means less artwork so it's managable by a small team
- More time can be spent developing the characters and storyline, and getting players to care about the characters which is what really gets them hooked on the game

It would be nice to have better graphics and more spectacular special effects, but as a team consisting of only 2 people I must succumb to the fact that it's impossible to compete in that regards with all the big budget games with their 20+ artists. So instead I focus on what is unique about my game which is what makes it stand out from the rest: A steer, riding on a bike, trying to rescue all the animals!

More about the game can be found on the website, as well as a trailer video. Check out:

- Johnathan

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