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This is a shot from the techdemo of an alpha version of my Irrlicht-Engine. It's a small 3D engine I'm currently working on. It uses DirectX8 but can be extended with other APIs, like OpenGL. It has features like most other 3d engines, like fast bsp-tree based indoor rendering, transparency, particle systems, dynamic light and so on, but also provides build in Alias Wavefront Maya and Quake2 mesh import, and - our grafic artists will love it - direct PhotoShop .psd file import as Textures with alphachannel, if needed. Because im just a programmer and not a 3D-Artist, the indoor level you can see on the shot and in the techdemo is created at runtime, based on a Wolfenstein-like 2D map, from a simple textfile. The most difficult part to code was the ceiling.

When the engine is complete, I will make a DLL and a easy-to-use SDK, so my engine is free of charge for using in your own games.

The techdemo can be downloaded at my homepage,

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