Submitted by Peter & Alex, posted on 19 October 2004

Image Description, by Peter & Alex

This image of the day may be interesting for modeling software developers especially for Java/Java3D based applications. The upper image demonstrates the appearance of the "X-MT" 3D editor, which is a fully platform independet modelling tool based on Java/Java 3D Virtual Machine technology. The use of dynamic plugin loading offers the ability to use this editor as a visualization platform for any 3D-editing tasks.

Some features:
  • platform independence by the use of Java-Technology
  • four independent views (virtual scene camera)
  • exclusive or split screen
  • orthogonal and perspective projection
  • 360 degrees of freedom camera
  • ...
  • The lower images show the available plugins in action:

    1) Character Animation Modelling (left):
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Realtime Mesh Skinning
  • Animation Player and Skeleton Editor (Bone Manager)
  • low level Influence Editor (Vertex
  • Bone
  • Weight)
  • CAL3D Support
  • ...
  • 2) Terrain Modelling (right):
  • Modelling in 2D and 3D
  • Free shapeable brush tool
  • Import: DEM, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF
  • Export: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF
  • Procedural texture generation
  • Light texture generation: "slope lighting"
  • ...
  • For detailed information and downloads contact us:

    Peter & Alex

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