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Complete L-Pascal package with the debugger, assembler and the virtual machine. Development of this package was dropped in 2002. Some days ago we had an idea: "Why not to build a public release of that old stuff ?" So, here it is. Just for fun.


This package contains:

* L-IDE 0.01.05 (c) Viktor Latypov, 2004

Simple IDE to write code in L-Pascal.

* L-Debugger 0.70.14 (c) Sergey Kosarevsky, 2002-2004

VM byte-code debugger, can help you to tweak the code and look what is happening behind the scenes.

* L-VM 0.70.16 (c) Sergey Kosarevsky, 2001-2002

Standalone command-line virtual machine.

* L-Asm 0.70.16 (c) Sergey Kosarevsky, 2001-2004

Standalone command-line assembler translator.

* L-Pascal Compiler 0.70.16 (c) Viktor Latypov, 2002 with built-in peephole optimizer (c) Sergey Kosarevsky, 2002

Standalone command-line compiler. (you can disable the peephole optimizer by using /NoOpt switch)


Standalone compiler source code can be grabbed from here:

More about Linderdaum project:

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