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These screenshots show a little game project by a friend of mine and myself: Hairy Harry ( )

the main features are:
  • simple and fun gameplay
  • editable characters with many different hairstyles
  • very funny-looking dynamically moving hair
  • three different singleplayer modes
  • multiplayer via tcp/ip network
  • several player settings
  • realistic ball physics
  • statistics
  • minimal hardware requirements: Pentium II 450 MHz, Riva TNT2 32MB
  • the idea was to create a little game for breaks between university lecture etc. which wouldn't take too much time to learn.

    the code is written in c++ / opengl and has got bigger than expected ( 22'000 lines of code). we used our own engine called resurrection which was previously used in the game Thrust2k3 ( ).

    we're looking forward to coding a new version ( update ) of the game with a lot of new features. we'll start with this update immediately when we have enough time, so please don't forget to email us new suggestions or questions!

    michael & martin

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