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Just an image of another terrain engine ;) Actually, it's the engine to an online rpg type game I'm working on (no, not another MMORPG) so it will actually be used. Right now it features:
  • Octree (well, the world is subdivided recursively into 8x8 regions anyway)
  • Octree based collision detection
  • Octree based view frustum culling
  • Particle Effects (the fire, for example)
  • Blended Lightmaps
  • There is an issue with the lightmaps right now (the black streaks down the trees), and you may notice a couple of other little bugs. Nothing extravagant really, just the basics of the engine that I need to start working on the actual game part. If you're interested, there is a demo on my site at The demo is a little older than these shots, but I will be updating it soon(next week or so).

    Right now I'm working on the network code and some gameplay, and trying to figure out an acceptable way to do dynamic lighting and shadows without killing the frame rate. I'm considering per-pixel lighting (and adding bumpmaps in as well if that's the case), but am not sure what % of people out there have boards that support this. Anyway, enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    Matt Rusch

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