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These are a few in-game screenshots from our upcoming game Knights, targeted for PlayStation 2. We have worked on this game for a year and a half now, and it should be on the shelf next year. Our team is currently about 15 people on the gameteam (2 programmers, 12 artists/designers, 1 producer), and another 8 on tech-coding (Render Engine, PS2, etc). The game is a 3d platform game starring Iron-Nick (the little Knight who appears in the shots) .

These are our first lighting tests. We use black and white lightmaps and vertex colors for the lighting. The setup for the lighting is done in 3DStudio MAX and then it is all exported into a self-built tool to generate the lightmaps. This takes about 10 minutes in a 30000 polygon world with about 250 lightsources. But after this precalculation step, it runs in realtime on PC and PlayStation (target is 60fps).

What is a bit of a shame is that these screenshots don't do the physics engine justice. We use the Havok Physics Technology to take care of all the physics related issues. This enabled us to do all kinds of cool stuff, like kicking boxes around in your level, creating rope-bridges that tumble, etc..

For development we mainly use PC's, the screenshots are from a PC using OpenGL. We generally keep the codebase as PS2-compatible as possible, and regulary check whether everything is still running on PS2. Development is easier (and also quicker) when working on a PC, but using this method we are still able to make a PS2 game..

I hope you all enjoy these pictures, and keep an eye out for our game! :)

Nick Waanders, Lead Programmer Knights/Lost Boys games

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