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Above shots are from our techdemo. Some features: Very large outdoor scenes, huge amount of trees & other plants, FULLY dynamic ground. Dynamic ground modification does not reduce fps at all.

The scenes have nothing static, everything is easy to customize and the trees are planted randomly.

Currently this engine runs 20 fps with 450 mhz/gf2mx, 30 fps w/ 750 mhz/gf2mx, 60 fps w/ 900 mhz/gf2 gts (800x600x32b). T&L -based graphics board is required.

Techdemo uses our Snowstorm 3D graphics engine. Some of its features are:
  • Highly optimized for T&L
  • HSR technology to strip everything what is not seen
  • Automatic LOD
  • All the newest effects, for example
  • DXTC texture compression
  • Cubic reflections
  • Dot product bumpmapping
  • Environment mapped bumpmapping (EMBM)
  • Hardware mesh interpolation
  • Anti-aliasing, Anisotropic filtering
  • Realistic real-time shadows: No need for stencil buffer
  • And so on. Complete list and more shots from the techdemo at our site,

    The release date for our techdemo is within a week.

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