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Sorry for such a quick textmode IOTD follow-up.

What happened was that someone posted some matrix-trailer-inna-textmode production, and I figured that my textmode renderer probably would look better (although it's far from perfect - aalib for instance makes much better results)... so I downloaded some mpeg software simulation group sources and made an mpeg player for textmode. Then I talked about this on #coders for a bit and someone tossed the idea that I could make an avi player.

... "yeah right", I said ...

Anyway, then I was bored again and glanced at the DirectShow API and figured I might actually do it. The result is here - windows media player that outputs in NT console. It can play almost everything windows media player can, so yes, if you have a DivX codec installed, you can watch DivX AVIs with this, in textmode.

The images:
  • top left, Unreal Technology Demo (mpg)
  • top right, 'show our power' assembly01 winner animation (mpg)
  • bottom left, 'Lapsuus', assembly01 winner demo (DivX avi)
  • bottom right, Max Payne E3 2001 video (wmv)
  • The binaries can be found on

    Unfortunately I won't be releasing the source, since it's such an ugly mess. The ascii art renderer source can, however, be downloaded from my site.

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