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Here is some screenshots from 3d demo made for PocketPCs. Demo is made with 'under development' graphics and sound SDK called 'DieselEngine'.

Some of the features of DieselEngine
  • 'DirectX alike' programming interface BltFast, DrawPrimitive, Surfaces, VertexBuffers, 3DDevice etc. (you love those..don't you? :)
  • 2D and 3D graphics engine with particle systems and object animations
  • Sound engine with 3D sound
  • Input engine which maps the 'keyboards' and 'mices' to work similarly independend of the device
  • see for full list of features.

    Screenshot demo is also available at that site along with other 3D demos for PocketPCs. Currently only ARM versions are available, but versions for other PocketPCs will be available with DieselEngine release. And those who do not have a PocketPC, some demos include win32 emulator version to run them on desktop PC.

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