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This is Driving Speed, a very much "work in progress" game that I have decided to release my first tech demo for. Due to being under constant development it only supports Pixel Shader graphics cards at the moment. So its probably a good idea to only download the demo if you know your card supports this. So far I have only tested it on a GeForce4 4200Ti and ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. It should be noted that there are still lots of bugs in this demo especially with the car physics. Its possible to crash the physics engine and cause the game to exit when this happens. (Try to avoid heavy collisions at 200kmh+) I'll be fixing these issues in the next release.

Currently I am the only programmer on the project and develop the game with Visual C++ 6.0 & DirectX 9b The cars in this demo were made by a 3D modeller called Martin Leps. The track in this demo was converted from a Racer add-on track.

The tech demo contains 8 cars from 2 manufacturers and you can race up to 11 opponents on one track in single player mode.

Here is a link to my site containing more information and screen shots:

Here is a direct download link for V1.0 of the tech demo:

Derek Long

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