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The screenshot above features the submission information for the Image of the Day section. By following the fantabulous instructions before thee, the golden key to fame and fortune may very well be withi... errrr... let me rephrase...

As most of you know, the IOTD is a fun little community feature. The reason for this post is both to remind you to keep on submittin' them thar neato images, but also to remind people that this is a developer feature. While its not frowned upon to submit images of commercial applications as well, be sure to include an adequate description that other developers might learn from! I say this because we received a few submissions recently that were clear advertisements, complete with marketing buzzphrases like "cutting-edge visualization interfaces", "multimedia paradigms", and "twisted spaghetti graph traversal." Ok, so I made that last one up.

But seriously, here are a few things to consider including with your description: what tools were used, how long it took to develop, the basic idea behind any unique features, what you're working on next for the project, why it exists, and when/where to get it.

Enough talk though, click here to submit an image!

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