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I started Rift over 2 years ago, and it was an ambitious RTS set in the future. I eventually started recruiting people to help out, and at one time we had a team of 3 programmers and 4 artists. While the project is no longer a team effort, after the team disbanded for real life obligations, I am still working on it, trying to wrap it up in a fun mini game.

The engine, music and art were all entirely created by us.

Here are the game/engine features :

Game features
  • Typical Lobby system to create games
  • Extensive Gui System for menu and in game interfaces
  • Players may create units, move them around, engage in battle, destroy another player's units, etc...
  • Graphic Engine
  • OpenGL only
  • Uses VertexBufferObjects and also supports card that don't have this extension
  • Frustum Culling
  • Keyframe animation system
  • Audio Engine
  • Uses FMOD sound API
  • Positional 3d sound
  • Mp3 for music
  • Network
  • Uses a network library called Libnet which was specifically written for Rift
  • PeerToPeer network scheme
  • Uses a "game turn" system so that all clients are always in-sync.
  • More info on this can be found here :

    Other Engine features
  • Resource managers (Texture, Audio, Mesh)
  • In-game console
  • Animation system with the ability to "bind" sound effects to keyframes
  • ActorEditor to quickly create new units, buildings and environnement actors
  • 3dsmax plugin for our own model format
  • More info and a version history can be found on my website at

    Alexandre Brien

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