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These screenshots are from a tech demo that we submitted to the IGF competition for our game entitled– "Static". We have worked on this game for about 3 months with a team of 5 people (2 artists, 2 programmers, 1 sound designer).

We used DirectX 8.0 SDK for development in this demo. The main gameplay (character walking around) are 2D sprites on a pre-rendered 3D background. We have come across some trouble using ID3DXSprite instead of the old DirectDraw. We will be changing the way we render the background (still 2d though), and instead use 3d models for the objects and characters. This should reduced the number of images (sprites) required for things such as combat and movement. It can really add up.

You can find the tech demo (warning: 113M), screenshots, concept art and even the current project status on

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