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Here are some new screenshots taken from my Landscape Studio editor, which is part of the Power Render 4 engine.

In the two top images you see the new reflection code. Objects are clipped to the water plane, so anything below the water (including moving objects, no preprocessing here) will not appear in the reflection. Since you can't have user clip planes and multitexturing on Geforce cards this required some tricks and an extra pass. The scene has over 70,000 triangles and is drawn with 3 passes per frame. The water uses per vertex colors along with additive blending and camera space projection for the reflection texture.

In the bottom left you can see a BSP level modeled in Q3Radiant with shadows projected on the terrain. Shadows are drawn directly on the terrain texture using a software rasterizer rather than using shadow maps or shadow volumes. Since parts of BSP buildings can be below the terrain in this engine, you don't want underground parts projecting shadows. To solve this I am transforming the BSP to world space, then checking the height of the terrain at every vertex. If all vertices of a face are below the ground no projected shadow is drawn from that face. You can move, rotate, and scale the BSP buildings with shadows and reflections in realtime in the editor.

On the bottom right you can see inside the building that is shown on the left. It has dynamic lightmaps and PVS culling just like Quake3, and can use EMBM for walls. Walking between indoor and outdoor areas is completely seamless.

You can download a slightly older version of the engine and editor from

Chris Egerter

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