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Inspired by a number of things (such as a recent discussion regarding the Lights & Shadows demo contest and a recent IOTD with some one-bit graphics), I decided to finally get around to do a couple of scenes with my engine ( which simulate ultra-hard lights.

Nothing fancy, nothing special code-wise here, I just felt like being kinda artistic-ish for a change. Oh, and for the technical info: those shadows are all done with stencil-based shadow volumes, and the screenshot was running at 5fps (I had my tesselation turned up as high as possible for those objects). No modifications were made to the engine to produce these results, I simply removed all specular lighting and textures and set my lightsource's color to 1000,1000,1000. It's a simple but effective trick I hope to take advantage of in any actual game I end up making with this engine.

Oh, and yeah, I know there's some pixel gaps in my shadow volumes. I've been trying to fix that for quite some time now, thanks. ;) Actually, if anyone has any insights, they'd be greatly appreciated. The situation under which they're happening SHOULD be covered by the OpenGL invariance rules, but I'm not positive about that.

Joshua Shagam

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