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Attached is a screenshot of procedural terrain/world I and a co-worker have been working on. There's no clever terrain LOD schemes, just a brute force method of throwing loads of triangles at the HW (the terrain is ~100,000 triangles, of which 25% are rendered in any given frame).

The cool thing is that everything is procedural. The terrain, terrain/detail/mask textures, clouds, trees, tree impostors, flocking birds, etc, are all procedural. It's a <200k .exe file that doesn't load any artwork.

We still have some work to do on it, but will be releasing the whole thing with source as part of a webcast training on developing procedural content for 3D applications. (Uh oh. Here comes the plug).

If anyone's interested in the webcast, here's the info:

Real-time Procedural 3D Graphics on the PC, or "How to Send the World through a 56k Modem", with Kim Pallister & Dean Macri.

Learn how to use the horsepower of the processor to generate 3D content algorithmicaly, saving valuable artist time & download bandwidth. Understand procedural generation of terrain geometry, textures, trees, clouds and more. We'll discuss and demonstrate performance implications and experiments we've tried in DirectX*. This session should interest persons familiar with 3D graphics programming and/or Microsoft DirectX.

When: September 21 9:30-11am Pacific Time

These webcasts will feature slides, live audio streaming, demos, and a chat window where you can meet with peers and ask questions of the presenters.

To register, see under "Spotlighted Courses".

A couple archived webcasts on scalable 3D apps & cloth animation are already up there.

Kim Pallister
Staff Technical Marketing Engineer
Intel Corporation

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