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This is a small stencil shadow demo I wrote when reading the nVIDIA paper "Practical and Robust Shadow Volumes".

The demo features two animating lightsources over a plane with a triangle floating above it, properly casting shadows using the zfail stencil shadow volumes approach.

The code weighs in at 800 lines, and still includes some unused parts. I implemented this in july 2002, and it took perhaps a day to get done. The nVIDIA paper includes a lot of source, so this was no great undertaking, but I guess it may still be interesting for other coders who have not done this to look at.

You will need GLUT to compile the code. I have successfully compiled and run the code on Windows, Linux, OpenBSD and Solaris.

The program may be modified and copied without permission.

Download: iotd-08-28-2003_stencilshadow.tar.gz (5k)

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