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In case you wonder what all this stuff in the picture has in common... not much. These are just some graphics programming related projects I've been working on recently.

The upper picture shows a spherical harmonics compressor which I wrote while reading the excellent papers of Robin Green, Peter-Pike Sloan and Ravi Ramamoorthi. One thing I didn't implement so far is SH rotation. If I find the time I want to experiment with neighbourhood transfer and an SH implementation for architectural environments. If anybody else is also working on this, I'd love to hear about it.

The lower big picture shows my little UI system running on top of a scene rendered with an RGAA shadow map shader (more on that in a second). The goal was not to do things like a game menu etc., but rather having some ways of displaying online rendering statistics as well as tweaking settings on the fly. The framerate graph is actually just a generic graph control. It can also be used to display other statistics like state changes per frame.

The shadow mapping in the UI picture and the three smaller ones on the lower-right uses nVidia's D3D shadow map hack. To avoid the jagged / aliased look of the shadows, the depth map lookup is done with a four sample rotated grid (RGAA).

The smaller lower-left picture was rendered by my ray tracer. I plan on using it to precompute the radiance transfer for my SH work.

These and other projects are presented in more detail on my website

Happy Coding !

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