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Here are a couple of shots from our game which is in mid development.

The game is called Ghostmaster - the idea is you've got to scare people from their homes - the more you scare them the more energy you get the better the hauntings you can command.

Our company is Empire and our team is called Sick Puppies, we're based in Oxford England.

The game features fully photon mapped pre-lighting. What this means is that we generate our light maps by simulating photons flying about the scene from the various light sources. Each time a photon hits a surface it splats a bit of it's energy onto the surface and some of it is reflected. Eventually if you leave the compiler running long enough you get wonderfully warm, diffusely lit scenes which look unlike anything you've probably seen in games before. A level has to be lit over night to get good quality.

For more shots see - these are all in game shots, not pre-renders and the game is running at speed.

David Hunt

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