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Does anyone remember this board game? Avalon Hill, went out of print about, oh... 1979? Well, it was and is still one of my absolute favorites. I was a teacher a few years ago and while the students were working indivdually, I made this game on the instructors' PC on the projection screen so they could watch. I like how it ended up, and is about 75% complete.

Because of what I was teaching, this is done in Visual Basic 6 and DirectX 7. Although I would definitely use Vis. C++ now, it really works well as it is! It's a turn-based wargame, and the animated explosions look great. The ships are rendered in TrueSpace 4. The textures on the ships are the front of an Albertson's grocery store(stone, windows with fluorescent lights inside) in Fort Worth, Texas. I have moved to Phoenix, AZ...

While not complete, the AI is simple influence mapping.

I wish I could post it here, but the board game is owned by Avalon Hill, owned by Hasbro. Uh oh, right? I ain't gonna be sued. They would never release it, the market for this kind of game is so low... I just wish I could speak to the guy who made the board game twenty-some years ago... [Garret Donner (Also made "Wizard's Quest" and "Dragonhunt")] I am working on another project, which you will see soon. I'll get a publisher then.
(my page is down because I moved, but these "picts of the day" stay up for a long time, so I gave my URL anyway. It will be up in a week or two...)

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