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Even with 9268 unique objects of which about 3500 are visible at this time, only about 35 unique LOD mesh retesselations are being calculated. (Oh, and even though they're all spheres, they're stored as a generic mesh, not as a procedural generator.)

Obviously, this isn't a typical scenario. Good thing, too, since even on my 525MHz Celeron with a 32MB G400 it's only getting 1.5fps. :) (I would have sent an image using shadows to gloat about the fact that even the shadow volumes would have only contributed a minimal increase to the number of LOD retesselations, but stencils are currently broken on the Linux G400 driver and I gave up on waiting for this to render a single frame using software Mesa after about 10 minutes...)

Oh, and one of the (many) things I'm working on right now is an actual mesh editor for my funky mesh-representation scheme. Maybe I can eventually put in screenshots where the models aren't all procedurally-generated. :)

This is all on Solace, my thesis project 3D engine. More screenshots are available at

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