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These are a few screen shots from a winamp visualisation plugin I am working on. Of course, it all looks much nicer if you can see it running in real time and reacting to the music. The plugin combines 'traditional' 2d vector field transforms with some 3d alpha and motion blur effects (if a 3d accelerator is present).

There are separate optimised assembler code pathways for MMX, PentiumIII and Athlon processors. The Athlon code goes about twice as fast as the MMX code (~40fps at 640x480x32 bit on my A600). I haven't actually been able to test the PentiumIII code yet, as I don't actually have access to a if anyone out there with a P3 wants to test me :) Oh and i'm also looking into putting in a K6-2/3 pathway, as I think I can get a fair bit of extra performance over standard MMX.

Anyways, as soon as I know the P3 code path is working, I'll put the plugin up on the net for people to download.


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