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Overload is a fast paced, chaotic, multiplayer tank battle game with a bunch of weapons and items for your killing needs. The player controls a mech/tank and can drive left and right along the terrain, thrust into the air with its jumpjets, aim up or down with its cannon and fire various weapons. The game is split into rounds which end when there is one (or none!) player left alive. Players receive cash based on how well they played in order to buy additional weapons and items.

To develop Overload, we used the excellent Clanlib library with the SphriteLib 'add-on'. The rest is usual: code in C++ and we used Visual C++ 6.

  • Awesome Graphics (2D - Photoshop)
  • Simple yet effective physics system
  • Particle system (if you want to call it that way :) )
  • Random Terrain generation (ok, that's not all that hard!)
  • About 15 different weapons (now that's better)
  • and very cool animations (did I mention Photoshop?)
  • Not featured (not yet at least...):
  • Network play (sorry, we had no time for that...)
  • AI (same, but work on this should start pretty soon)
  • Basically, you have to play with someone else. This was actually the intend, as our original idea was to create the same atmosphere as the wonderful Scorched Earth and Worms did. Now we think we need to add AI or Network and hopefully it will happen some time soon.

    We hope you fellow flipcoders enjoy it anyway.

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    Download the beta version directly: here.

    A bientot,
    Jean Simonet

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