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This is a little program wrote for the Coding Party( or scene Event ) called VIP4 ( held in in France at the beginning of July. His goal was to annonce each compo and to make a default Screener when we ( organizers ) were too tired to pass demos. It's a simple real time cube with blinn bump, blur and pseudo procedural water caustics.

If you want to download the Bin version go to I only test this version on a Geforce4 and GeForce3 so it's possible that you have trouble with other cards. I forget i used Pixel and Vertex Shader intensively ( yes yes tes ) and that' why you must be equiped at least of a GeForce3... sorry.

That's all, see ya next year for VIP5 and have fun with this little program. If you want more explain about how i did it you can email me some querstions YO !

PS : Yes it's a shame i rip the Microsoft cubemap, but i don't have the capacity to make cubemaps such this quality by myself i'm only an humble coder... Middle pictures show the party place. And yes i definitly have a bad english.

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