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Here are a couple of new screenshots of the Prototype engine (formerly Power Render X). The engine is built in C++ and uses STL, PowerRender 5, and ODE and has been in development for a year and a half. The engine started off as an experiment with per pixel lighting and has been through several changes such as radiosity and shadow maps before using the full dynamic lighting and stencil shadow methods used now.

Some of the engine features are:
  • Unified lighting: per pixel bump mapping and shadows on every surface
  • Glow effects:- using 2 passes of separable gaussian blur
  • Depth of focus: blur between 2 render targets based on z distance
  • Soft stencil shadows: gaussian blur per light
  • Projected lights: project a texture on any object instead of point lights, unlimited projected textures in a scene
  • Scripting with LUA and a custom script language for AI
  • PS 1.1 and PS 2.0 shader paths
  • BSP based level geometry and integration with Quark editor
  • Exporters for models and character animation in 3D Studio MAX and Maya
  • You can find more screenshots and movies at

    Chris Egerter

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